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Container Fabrication

Jack in the Box is the brand name that Ceylon & Foreign Trades PLC, a subsidiary of Adam Group, uses to develop unique office spaces with the help of shipping containers.

Here at Jack in the Box, we can tailor shipping containers to suit any purposes; homes, site offices, bathroom units, kitchens. You name it, we can make it. The possibilities are quite literally endless. To build a converted container specific to your requirements you can simply contact us with the details and we'll have it up and running in no time.

Converted containers are available with sanitation, insulation and partitioning. We can design the units with doors, windows, lighting, air conditions and more depending on the specific request. Converted containers come with the advantage of being portable, re-usable, quickly deployable, cost effective, versatile and best of all, environmentally friendly. These converted units can easily have a life span of over 25 years and can be bought or rented.

Self Storage

Jack in the Box also provides self-storage facilities, renting out storage spaces for short-term and long-term purposes. For a period greater than six months we provide a concession to customers. The rent space is a 20 feet container that is available instantly upon request.

The rented units are locked only with the tenant's key allowing no access to any other individuals. Units can be rented both on site, or transport to your own premises. The site has 24 hour access and full security, electricity and water facilities available for your convenience. It also has ample parking space in close proximity.